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“The best chance you have of creating decent content is to set yourself apart, step away from the vanilla and the boring”

As Bill Gates said, “content is king” and it hasn’t been clearer to see than now. You see it everywhere, Netflix alone plough billions into creating content ($15bn in 2019 and an expected $17.8bn will be spent in 2020). We haven’t even discussed how much Amazon Prime, Sky, Apple, Disney+ and many others are putting into their content creation, but be certain that it won’t be too far from Netflix.

This is evidence to show that the creation of content is extremely valuable. But why does this matter to smaller businesses and how can they utilise content for them? Obviously, we don’t expect you to be lining up at the bank so you can all start your own streaming service. Primarily, because you can do much better than that and secondly because you don’t need to.

An excellent way to use content is in your marketing. Content Marketing is massive, and there are so many ways that you can do it and that’s important. But, because there are so many ways in which content can be done, you need to find the best way for you.

Everything Digital works with customers from a broad range of industries and each customer requires something different. With some customers, we emphasise the need to create video content and with others, it’s not so important. What is universally important amongst them all though, and the same will be true for you - is that you need to be seen.

In order for content marketing to be effective, you should try to appeal to a core audience. With your product or service, you want to appeal to those that will have the problem that your product/service will solve.

If your product or service doesn’t solve a problem as it’s a premium or luxury market you’re looking for then create content for that. Obviously, it’s easier said than done but in order for it to get easier, you need to start creating now or get a good marketing agency, like Everything Digital (shameless plug) to do it for you.

The reason you need to get started ASAP is because not everything you do will be amazing. Nobody will be able to tell you how well something will do before it’s released. Even past performance of content isn’t a great indicator of how well something will do now.

The best chance you have of creating decent content is to set yourself apart, step away from the vanilla and the boring. You certainly don’t have to be outrageous (but by all means go for it), but just set yourself apart enough for people to notice who you are and what it is you offer.

Content is far easier to talk about than it is to execute but persistence is key. Keep putting stuff out there and never hide away from your customers.

If you would like help with your online marketing, please get in touch with us and we’ll be more than happy to work with you.