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A Bespoke Website...The right thing for your Business

Here at Everything Digital, we have encountered many DIY websites when talking to prospects, new clients and between our team frequently. The importance for businesses small, medium-sized and large to invest into the best website they can is and should be still super important and the first start point to promote your business and of course gain leads!

At Everything Digital we’re constantly having the same conversations with business owners, small to even medium-sized business owners about the importance of their existing or future web presence. One of the things we hear a lot from small business owners is that they have a website that they think ‘will do’ or ‘it does get us some work’, the saying of ‘it isn’t too bad’ points to the ever-growing issue of the DIY website. Granted, as business owners often know a lot about the services or products you offer, however, you/they are missing a huge trick by not using website professionals who can give you the platform to work with firstly, but also understand how to utilise that website with best practice in mind when future marketing arises. The importance of putting all efforts into the look and feel of the website is just as important as the content and way you handle your everyday business lives because... This is the ‘face’ of your brand!

Open source platforms like Wordpress are great to build websites on. However, these are now becoming an everyday occurrence in the digital world. To really stand out not only to your audience but to the Google Algorithms, you need to have something sleeker and more customisable to rank anywhere near the top these days. Everything Digital use HTML5 bespoke coded websites to enhance not only the User Experience (UX) through load speed and general slickness but also lay the foundations for a best practice future Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) package, the reason being SEO is notoriously worse on slower loading websites such as websites built on WordPress, Squarespace, GoDaddy and all your normal churn out ‘cheap’ alternatives to invested once every 5 years into something that will pay you back tenfold like a bespoke HTML5 website.

Using a Marketing Agency like Everything Digital for your website needs helps you in the long run as businesses because let’s face it, once you have built a semi ok website which looks decent not amazing, you the business owner has another headache, the maintenance and best practice to maintain and help your online presence prosper. The trick to a brilliant website is the attention to every little detail and the constant updating and maintenance (this all takes many hours)...Leave it to the professionals and watch your online enquiries, rankings and online transactions soar!

Moving onto Google rankings is another reason to really invest in the best set-up you can when it comes to a new website. As mentioned with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Google wants the users of its search engine to list the best websites in terms of content, depth, layout, customer experience and load speed. There are a few ways to fix load speed on your website however if you want to completely start again whilst keeping the same domain URL, start with a bespoke coded HTML5 website to get around the load speed issue. Why spend hours, time and money in some cases trying to implement decent SEO when your website platform and setup is all wrong resulting in you only moving up a few places in Google results to the first pages you could rank on if all done right from the start!

Also to add, what first may start off as a website you think is a bargain, ends up being a business nightmare and could cost you as a business thousands of pounds a year in marketing with another added factor of going round in circles as your website just isn't good enough to convert new and also existing traffic! Professional web design companies and bespoke agencies like Everything Digital believe in helping clients with free amendments and unlimited changes included in their hosting fees with their bespoke web design service. This generosity actually dovetails with the SEO packages we offer as a business as we need the website to the highest standard to respond to all our hard efforts when it comes to continued SEO work for our clients.

If you are a business owner with website woes and actually thinking about having a go at building your own website, please save yourselves from doing so if you have no experience, just like you leave a firefighter to put out a house fire and also save yourself plenty of money and headaches, just get in touch with Everything Digital