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Free SEO Tips to help Businesses rank higher on Google

Some of the best ways to rank your website and help grow your business is through Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – SEO is definitely a fundamental and integral part of making sure you as a business are showcasing your website in the best possible way in order to both:

  1. Rank on Search Engines Higher: Get your business ranked higher on Google and other search engines such as Bing.
  2. Increased Revenue: Most importantly, to send more customers to your website and turn them into positive revenue!

Treat CONTENT like the king... Because it is!

Putting out continued content to promote, link back and to describe your services and products on your website is key. Originality is also a must when releasing content regarding your brand – some content is best served from the business itself, you know your business inside out, so start preaching about it and your website rankings, traffic, unique users and page views will increase.

“One thing to remember, you’re hitting a human audience so write for humans”

One thing to remember, you’re hitting a human audience so write for humans. Have search engines in mind after the fact. Implementing keywords is something that is needed but shouldn’t just be thrown in there because you feel flooding your content with keywords will push your website up the rankings. It won’t and it’s unneeded overkill. Write from your heart and make the content flow easily. Then go back over and add/alter these keywords where they naturally fit. That will win the day for you and allow your content to be read in a more engaging manner.

“Be sure to use targeted content and understand the audience you wish to convert into enquiries and conversions to rise.”

Everything Digital uses content to boost organic results for many businesses and we can assist you every step of the way. We like to work hand in hand with all our clients to reach the end goal…more success and more profitability.

Website Design and the User Experience (UX)

As we have mentioned in previous blog articles, Google wants to promote and give the end user the best user experience (UX) possible when browsing for their online requirements. The layout of your website and design, the look and the feel is of huge importance and is something you can keep your eye on through the data your website generates. The truth is, if your website is presented in a poor way with a confusing layout, new and existing users are more likely to bounce from your website and convert on a competitor’s platform.
For example: Everything Digital reports against specific metrics, identifying what areas of your website is weak, we’ll be able to analyse how different landing pages fare up against one another in terms of conversions.

So reducing your bounce rate and exit rate to stop this from happening you have to consider multiple facets:

  1. Is the website responsive across all devices?
  2. Does the content on your website flow in the correct manner and adhere to what Google wants?
  3. Are straplines engaging?
  4. Do they set expectations for the user in terms of knowing what the page subject is?

“Is SEO even real or is it all just a myth?”

These things are basics and are unfortunately often overlooked, leaving SEO a tough nut to crack for many businesses. You could be left wondering if SEO is even real or is it all just a myth? If you’re unsure how your website is performing, how to make the necessary changes needed or struggling to tick all the boxes needed for a successful SEO campaign, you should seek professional advice, you would be surprised how many people we help each day with the fundamentals.

The importance of activity on Social Media Platforms

Many people separate SEO from Social Media thinking the two are different entities. Yes, Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn are platforms but all are used to serve content to your audience which links into SEO…Content is King don’t forget that!

“The age old “link building” to build you organic rank, just doesn’t work alone anymore.”

Posting regularly on as many Social Media Platforms with fresh blog posts, articles, brand awareness posts, testimonials, industry advice and in a set structure is and will continue to be a very good way of continuing the story of your brand. It will also boost your rankings and assist your overall SEO strategy. The age old “link building” to build you organic rank, just doesn’t work alone anymore.

Everything Digital adopts a rounded approach to SEO and it is flourishing with our current clients who are seeing improved results month on month…something we are very proud of!