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It’s a new age for businesses!


Marketing isn’t enough to give your customers what they need to keep them interested in your business or brand.

So how do you deal with customer queries? Can your website recommend products relevant to the customers needs? Do you have 24/7 customer service? Are your customers reading your subscriber or Re-marketing emails? 

Everything Digital have the solution, Chatbots! Utilising multiple platforms we are able to develop chatbot solutions to resolve your business issues, this can be internal or customer facing. We developed our very own Chatbot Solution to deal with day to day business tasks, provide campaign reports and deal with any queries customers may have.

Developing these processes has lead to our very own product ‘Chatterbox’ a service that Everything Digital offer to small to medium businesses upto National brands. We build it, manage it, provide reporting & improve it, from conversational flow to product implementation. Some of our national bots deal with customer queries while other provide the best product that meets the customer requirements, this is just the front end… We also provide some of our larger clients with internal bots, allowing manual tasks to be taken care of from start to finish!

The benefits of chatterbox®

  • 24/7 Customer service
  • E-commerce
  • Lead Generation
  • Brand Enhancement
  • Internal Automation
  • Re-marketing

We have developed multiple strategies for businesses that include chatbots providing the extra edge over competitors. You won’t do too well if you rely solely on your website to convince the customer to make the decision to use you.

Utilising platforms like Facebook & Messenger allows your business to keep in touch with customers on the largest social platform allowing a more personal approach to customers, not to mention the open rates demolish email! You can jump into our chatbot to find the package that would best suit your business or contact us directly and one of our experts will provide you with the best solution.


Customer Engagement

Engage with current users of all your online platforms, analyse conversions to understand how your business qualifies leads and engages customers. This allows you as a business to save time, provide top notch customer service and build real time relationships with your end users.


Analyse Data and Optimise

We help you analyse the data and optimise the Chatterbox program to understand exactly what potential customers are looking for. This enables you as a business to improve the customer journey and uncover new ways to engage & educate your audience about the services and products you offer.


Automated Chat and Remarketing

Automated chat allows you to connect with customers on both your website and social media platforms, resulting in real time answers to questions that enables the buyer to progress through their buying stage seamlessly. AI technology provides your business with valuable data in current trends, buying habits and engagement of your customers.



+VAT Deposit

£49 Per Month +VAT

  • Customer Service Module
  • + 1 non-eCommerce Module
  • Website and Social Media implementation
  • Data collection
  • 3 edits a month

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+VAT Deposit

£99 Per Month +VAT

  • Customer Service Module
  • + 3 non-eCommerce Modules
  • + 1 eCommerce Module
  • Website and Social Media implementation
  • Data collection
  • 5 edits a month

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+VAT Deposit

£199 Per Month +VAT

  • Customer Service Module
  • + 10 non-eCommerce Modules
  • + 3 eCommerce Module
  • Website and Social Media implementation
  • Data collection
  • Social Media (Remarketing ONLY) Campaign utilising data collection
  • Unlimited edits*

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*Unlimited edits is at the discretion of Everything Digital. Providing the edits aren’t being used to completely restructure the bot and essentially change the way the bot is positioned or being abused in any other way, Everything Digital will provide unlimited edits as stated.

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