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Amazon Ads help drive growth for your business by connecting you to a vast audience with higher purchase intent.

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Sponsored Amazon Ads

Some times known as Sponsored Product Ads, these are keyword targeted ads that will promote a specific product listing. They don’t just appear on the search result pages but also on product detail pages when on Amazon.

Headline Search Ads

These types of ads allow an Amazon seller to promote their products and brand to other Amazon customers. These are targeted by using Keywords and are paid for by Cost-Per-Click.

Sponsored Display Ads

What used to be called “Product Display Ads” are quite simply a way for you to show your product to people who have previously viewed your product or something similar. So essentially, it’s Amazons answer to remarketing!

Native Amazon Ads

In a nutshell, these ads are an easy way for you to integrate your Amazon product feed onto your website, making it easier for users to see the products you want them to see and encouraging them to buy from your shop.

They’re super dynamic and highly relevant!

Amazon Video Ads

Amazon aren’t just a shopping channel. They also have mobile apps, fire tablets and more. So a Video Ad on Amazon is used to allow an advertiser to reach customers with a targeted video across all of the Amazon platforms.

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Monthly Amazon Users


Amazon Prime members are more likely to spend higher amounts over the year.


The biggest audience on Amazon are millennials

Price Check

A survey of shoppers showed that 9/10 shoppers will price check on amazon first.

Amazon Ads Account Structure

Account structure and audience funnels is super important for social ads. So the first thing we'll do is check out how your audiences are set up to flow through your ad funnel.

Keyword Performance

Quite often when a social ads account has been set up incorrectly, the audiences will sometimes cross over at different stages of the ad funnel. This can limit the performance of an ad and stop them from performing to the best that they can.

Bid Strategy Analysis

Campaigns all have different strategies and it's important (if there are multiple strategies in an account) that they all marry up well and don't stop each other from performing.

Performance Analysis

Depending on the objective of the campaigns within the account, we'll analyse performance in different ways. Some of the fundamental things we look at are: • Average Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) • Conversion Rate • Cost Per Click (CPC) • Click-Through Rate (CTR) • Return On Ad Spend (ROAS)

Advert Review

The amount of ads can sometimes be a tell tale sign that whoever was running the account previous, may be grasping at straws to figure out what works and what doesn't. This is fine as long as there is some form of structure to measure the A:B testing properly.

Ad Tracking

Find any quick wins, tell you how much wasted spend there is, look for some long term opportunities, trend analysis and competitor research.

Growth Opportunities

Find any quick wins, tell you how much wasted spend there is, look for some long term opportunities and then run some trend analysis.

Amazon Ads Audit

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