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Pinterest is often overlooked in the UK as an effective advertising tool and the truth is, it’s because UK businesses think that the audiences on Pinterest are more US focused.

While the audiences do heavily sway towards the US market, in the past couple of years, the audiences have heavily started to lean towards the UK.

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Why Pinterest Ads?

It’s simple. You can target an ad to a user who is interested in the specific type of product that you sell already. You’re capturing that user early on in their consumer journey, so when they start considering their purchase later on down the line, your brand will be instantly recognisable.

So honestly the question should be, why would you not want to advertise to users on Pinterest that already have an active interest in the products you offer? (It’s probably a bit too wordy but it makes more sense).

Pinterest for eCommerce

Ok look, Pinterest advertising is still in its early stages in the UK in terms of the types of industries it works for. 

It’s not that Pinterest won’t work for anything that isn’t ecommerce but right now, we’d suggest that only ecom businesses take the jump onto the ad platform for now.

Pinterest Ad Types

  • Promoted Pins: These appear in the home feed and the search results, exactly like a normal pin. They’re just boosted so that they appear to a wider audience and gain a higher reach.
  • Promoted Carousels: With 2 to 5 images that pinners can swipe through, these ads basically appear wherever pins can appear.
  • Promoted Video Pins: These are exactly like ‘Promoted Pins’ above but instead of it being a static image, its a video. These ads auto play as soon as they are 50% in view to the user.
  • Promoted App Pins: With an ad campaign like this, it allows users to download your app directly from Pinterest. Perfect for Pinterest users as 80% of Pinterest traffic comes from a mobile device.
  • Buyable Pins: Designed to be “shoppable”, these types of ads allow users to view a product from your ad and buy the product directly from your pin. The work across mobile and web, and appear in all of the same places as a standard ‘Promoted Pin”.
  • Story Pins: This is the newest ad type from Pinterest and are being tested with selected accounts currently. However, these ads feature up to 20 pages of images, texts and links.
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Active Monthly Users


85% of users use Pintrest to plan new projects


98% of Pinterest users have tried something they have seen on the platform

Branded Search

97% of searches on the platform are unbranded

Account Structure

Account structure and audience funnels is super important for social ads. So the first thing we'll do is check out how your audiences are set up to flow through your ad funnel.

Audience Crossover

Quite often when a social ads account has been set up incorrectly, the audiences will sometimes cross over at different stages of the ad funnel. This can limit the performance of an ad and stop them from performing to the best that they can.

Strategy Analysis

Campaigns all have different strategies and it's important (if there are multiple strategies in an account) that they all marry up well and don't stop each other from performing.

Performance Analysis

Depending on the objective of the campaigns within the account, we'll analyse performance in different ways. Some of the fundamental things we look at are:
• Average Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)
• Conversion Rate
• Cost Per Click (CPC)
• Click-Through Rate (CTR)
• Return On Ad Spend (ROAS)

Advert Review

The amount of ads can sometimes be a tell tale sign that whoever was running the account previous, may be grasping at straws to figure out what works and what doesn't. This is fine as long as there is some form of structure to measure the A:B testing properly.

Ad Tracking

Check all Pixel events, CAPI, UTMs, Purchase Conversion Value Tracking and more.

Growth Opportunities

Find any quick wins, tell you how much wasted spend there is, look for some long term opportunities, trend analysis and competitor research.

Pinterest Ads Audit

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