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Technical SEO 🔗

Technical SEO refers to actions you take on webpages to improve performances and let search engines understand your page better.

We will look at many things which will include, page speed, schema markup, robot crawling and other finer details.

With analysis on conversions, bounce rates and google compatibility we will assure every technical aspect of your organic presence with addressed and given best practice solutions.

On Page SEO 🔗

On page SEO refers to any action taken directly on your webpage which includes, content, page structure and linking structure.

It is regarded extremely important and can have a huge impact on how search engines will show specific, related content which is relevant to the users search term.

The structure of your webpage helps search engines in being able to read content and whether it is suitable to use.


Off Page SEO is generally used to refer as actions or processes that do not happen on your webpage website. Driving traffic to your website from available sources could allow you to build credibility and grow your audience presence.

Our in house team can look at things such as content marketing, guest posting, social media posting and brand mentions to make sure you are exploring and taking advantage of everything that will assist your organic standing online.

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What we do

We start with full analysis on your website domain to highlight areas of weakness. We will discuss any previous strategies you have undertaken for your SEO work prior to working with ourselves so we can fully plan the right approach for success.

How We Do It


Website Structure

The user experience of your website is arguably just as important as the content that’s actually on your website. The main reason for this is because research has shown that users react in specific (and repeatable) ways, which is why user experience is important to consider when building or optimising your website.


Competitor Analysis

It’s vital that a thorough audit and competitor analysis is performed first. This will give us  insight into what’s currently being done in majority by your competitors (this will help us understand what sort of topics users are actively looking for). This in addition to a full technical audit of your website will help us to form an action plan for the coming months. This audit and analysis will be done regularly to ensure you’re up to date with recent algorithm changes.


Structured Action Plan

Once all audits are complete, next we’ll develop a clear and concise strategy to take in order to fix / improve all necessary areas. As we know, Google often changes the most important factors when it comes to organically ranking on Google, which is why the strategy will leave room to adjust when Google inevitably moves the goal posts again.

Get Started

First step would be to run a full SEO audit. We use a number of analytical tools such as SEMrush, Ahrefs and Google Lighthouse reports to cross reference and pinpoint the critical issues first of all. After making sure all the basics are in place and set to best practice standards we move into the more detailed aspects such as On Page, Off Page and Technical SEO.

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