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We began with an idea, now we have a long list of clients who have benefit from the strategic campaigns we’ve put together for them. Our business was founded by the best in the industry.

Our expertise predominantly lays in being able to read both online and social trends to deliver the best solution using the latest technology.

We’re also fluent in all of the classic ways of digitally advertising your business including: Pay Per Click (PPC/Google Ads), Social Media and Websites.

Strategy Development

The first stage is to discuss what you want to achieve. We’ll be able to help you understand at what point you’re at and the best steps to take first.

Generally any strategy we put in place has to be flexible. It’s important that we’re able to really fit the work that we do around the spikes in interest for your product/service over specific time frames.

Campaign Optimisation

When building an advertising campaign online, the bulk of the work is in making sure theres enough relevant content available to use. If you don’t have any content to give, don’t worry! We’ll look after you.

Once the campaign is built and all of the relevant ad targeting is put together, the next step is to set it live and collate the data we get while it’s running.

The ongoing work load is majorly about reading the data and cross referencing with reporting and trend tools online, mirroring the audience that’s converting for you and targeting more of the same people.

Free Support

We’re very conscious that doing something like paying money for digital advertising is a nerve wracking thing to do. That’s why as a business our main customer focus is to always be on hand 24/7 no matter what day or time.

Our customer satisfaction chatbot is ‘Ed’. Click on the Facebook chat symbol in the bottom corner of the screen and chat with Ed about your account or if you aren’t working with us yet and you have a general question, ask away!

Who are we to give you advice?

Our team is made up of staff hailing from industry leading companies such as Google and experienced strategists that have worked with some of the most successful businesses worldwide.

Everything Digital is a digital advertising and strategy development company founded by the people who developed strategies for and with some of the worlds largest advertisers.

The Fundamentals


Pay Per Click is a marketing strategy using multiple platforms including: Search, Shopping, Display, YouTube and Remarketing.

Your campaigns are custom built with strategically selected, industry specific keywords, granular demographic targeting and a combination of other techniques learnt from years of testing. Your ads will show in premium positions in search engine searches and yield the highest possible ROI.


Search Engine Optimisation is a collection of multiple techniques applied to increase the authority of a website on search engines. With very specific algorithm changes made on a regular basis to search engines, we pride ourselves on staying ahead of the curve.

These techniques over time will increase your organic ranking on Google.


The most powerful Social Media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are the fastest growing advertising tools for businesses worldwide.

Our in-house Social Media team have mastered sophisticated technology designed to plan, forecast and execute the best possible campaigns tailored specifically for your industry. With the ability to be unbelievably targeted, social media could be the turning point of your business if done correctly.

What our client says

"A great company to use. I would like to say work with, but they ask nothing of me. They use their expertise to offer advice and guide the SEO work down a path they feel is the most beneficial for us. Highly recommended."
Managing Director
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