Autumn-Winter '23 Seasonal Changes: Why Are They So Important In eCommerce?

Autumn-Winter ’23: The Importance Of Seasonal Changes

Some love it, some hate it but that doesn’t change the fact that Autumn-Winter ‘23 is just around the corner! The truth is, AW ’23 is more than just a change in weather, it’s a chance for your eCommerce business to thrive.

Using this golden opportunity to take advantage of change and adapt your strategies is essential for success. So, let’s hear from the Everything Digital team about why you should take advantage of the upcoming seasonal change.

eCommerce In General | Josef Stecyk 

Looking at a calendar year is the way a marketing team and online retailer should start before agreeing to budgets and strategies. 

It’s critical to highlight busy times of the year based on product type and also consumer demands to fully reap the rewards and maximise profitability as well as clearing as much stock as possible.

Sales periods and competitor analysis also is key for you. A lot of retailers are trying to get one up on their competition by either entering sales earlier than normal, or by offering free gifts based on seasonality to try and win conversions. It’s important that you stick to your sales calendar but allow some flexibility based on how things are going internally and what the competition is doing.

Google Ads In AW ’23 | Jordan Gatenby

Seasonal changes within Google Ads are hugely important as there’s multiple areas to think about when you optimise throughout the year. Assets will need refreshing in line with seasonality, new campaigns may need to be launched to target new products, and you also need to think about your budgets to ensure you remain competitive throughout key times of the year.

A key example is the run up to the Golden Quarter, Q4. Almost, if not all of your competitors will be increasing budgets within this period in line with traffic increases – so don’t get left behind! Start preparing for this months in advance so that your new Assets etc are approved and ready to run. This ensures that you’re ahead of the curve!

Start scaling your budgets earlier as every year, users are starting the research phase earlier and earlier. Especially in the current climate with the cost of living crisis where customers may not have as much disposable income as previous years.

Social Ads In AW ’23 | Hollie Ibbotson

Seasonal marketing is an opportunity to create connections with customers and boost sales!

Changing your colour scheme, marketing images, and marketing messages to keep up with current trends and the change in season is key to keep ahead of competitors. Along with this, you can change your sales process to highlight promotions around approaching seasonal events.

Seasonal marketing can put your business in front of potential customers, thereby boosting online brand awareness and giving prospecting customers a reason to try your brand for the first time, through an attractive seasonal promotion.

Customer’s needs change with the seasons! The big events to focus on during the AW ’23 season are: Halloween, Christmas, Cyber Monday, and Black Friday. The last two being the biggest seasonal events for many online and offline retailers!

So, seasonal marketing strategies can strengthen your company’s reputation as a responsive business. Preparation is key in a seasonal marketing plan. Mark your calendars, plan your strategies, and pay attention to the time-sensitive nature of seasonal marketing.

Social Media In AW ’23 | Phoebe Meades

As the weather changes, so do consumer preferences. 

Your social media strategy plays a vital role in connecting with your audience on a more personal, human-like level. To have the opportunity to strengthen brand loyalty, increase engagement, and drive conversions, you must embrace seasonal trends! 

So, how exactly can you do that?

The key idea here is to create engaging content and build compelling narratives that resonate with the emotions of the season, the next one being AW ’23. Autumn-Winter is all about warmth, comfort, and generosity so tailoring your social media content towards the overall feel of the season should be easy if you’re passionate about it. 

Ask yourself, what do you love about Autumn-Winter? And go from there!

Take advantage of Autumn-Winter’s atmospheric transition and create a vibrant and meaningful presence across your social media platforms!

If you’d like to learn more about seasonal changes, contact us today!

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