Barbie Movie Brand Collabs

Barbie x Collabs!

It’s a Barbie World and we’re just living in it!

Barbie mania is taking over the world right now, Margot Robbie has brought back iconic Barbie fashion! Not only that, the colour pink is the colour of the season and everyone is eager to unleash their inner Barbie and Ken!

So as the release date looms, brands are jumping on what is one of the biggest marketing opportunities of the last few years and launching collaborations. From beauty brands, to fashion and even food, everyone’s jumping on the pink bandwagon! We’ve rounded up a few of our favourites from flip phone mirrors to doughnuts!


Let’s start with fashion and one of the most popular fast fashion brands Boohoo. If you want to jump on the Barbie trend but are looking for something that you can incorporate into your everyday wardrobe, then Boohoo is the place for you! With Barbie- branded hoodies, tees, and comfy separates, this collection will make the hearts of lunatics sing! With sizes ranging from 0-24, this range has something for everyone.

Barbie x Boohoo


Beauty brands always take an opportunity to jump on a trend and this time it’s NYX! This nine-piece Barbie collection features bright Barbie land colours and dream artistry which is perfect for every Barbie and Ken! It even includes a Barbie flip mirror phone so don’t walk, run!

Barbie x NYX

Hally Hair

Fancy completing your look with a new hairstyle? Then this Barbie x Hally Shade Stix from Hally Hair is for you! They’ve released a limited collection featuring three Barbie-approved colours: Signature Pink, Malibu Blue, and Pump Up Purple. Plus, they even wash out after one wash so you can have the hairstyle just for the cinema trip!

Barbie x Hally Hair

Barbie Movie Moon

Did you know the Barbie Movie has an exclusive oral beauty brand? It’s called ‘Moon’ and it features a two-piece set containing an electric toothbrush and a whitening toothpaste and yes they both come in pink, obviously?!

Barbie x Moon


Primark have launched a mega-movie range which includes an extensive collection featuring pieces ranging from: womenswear, accessories, nightwear, and menswear to home and beauty. Of course, pink is the running theme in the line with pops of neon colour and subtle glam accents. With the collection even featuring the iconic Venice Beach athletic wear which became an internet sensation. 

Barbie x Primark

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

One for the doughnut lovers! Krispy Kreme have released two limited edition Barbie themed doughnuts. One in glittery pink and another in blue with pink sprinkles! They’ve also released a Cotton Candy chilled drink which is bright blue with pink sauce and sprinkles, what’s not to love?!

Barbie x Krispy Kreme

This is just a handful of the collaborations that are available, with Barbie mania taking over the world, this is a trend which everyone should be jumping on!

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