The purpose of a brand is to be recognised. Branding creates consistency throughout your products and services, which in turn creates trust within your brand. Your online presence and how you are perceived online can actively make or break your business, with branding being easily recognisable yet able to appropriately represent your company. We can take on the full branding of a new company or even a rebrand of your current company and assist in expanding your digital footprint to enable growth in the desired areas, allowing your company to radiate your brand and message. 

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Types of Branding

Branding can take various forms, making you business more recognisable and to your audience, including: 

  • Branded Emails
  • Company Logos
  • Moving Media Logos
  • Branded PDF’s
  • Digital ‘Flick Books’
  • Social Media Page Branding
  • Youtube Company Setup

How to Create a Brand

To create a brand you need to establish several key factors that are important to both your business requirements and to your target audience. These are our recommend first steps: 

  • Determine your target audience
  • Establish your mission statement
  • Define your values, features, and benefits
  • Create your visual assets
  • Find your brand voice
  • Put your branding to work
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Branding Tips

To create a constant and trustworthy brand image follow these tips: 

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Brand messages are shared 24 times more


A signature colour can increase brand recognition by 80%

Social Values

77% of people buy from brands who have similar values as their own

Brand Consistency

Brand consistency can increase revenue by 33%


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