Artificial Grass For Everyone.

Go Artificial Grass has the same owner as one of our other clients (Flooring Direct). As we were able to deliver huge results for Flooring Direct, the obvious next step for the business owner, was to have Everything Digital running all ad channels for Go Artificial Grass too.

From the beginning, Go Artificial Grass was not the best performing brand on the likes of Google Ads and Facebook Ads. The ceiling was around 2x ROAS, with some months pulling in a high of 2.5x. Our focus was to increase the ROAS model and then scale.

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The results

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Mark Andrew - Owner

“Everything Digital has successfully expanded our business model with a combined approach of Google and Facebook advertising. Year on year, we’ve seen our revenue streams grow 900% over all channels. Their attention to detail, specifically the data generated is second to none and I’ll be working with them for as long as these numbers are consistent. Couldn’t recommend these guys highly enough!”

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