Display Remarketing is all about running amazing visual content on the Googles Display Network.

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Audience Segmentation

If you don’t have your audiences set up properly, then your remarketing campaign will go nowhere. Essentially it’s all about making sure Google knows exactly who to target with your ads and what them users are most likely interested in out of your services/products.

Custom Creative

Now let’s imagine that a user has been onto your website, added something to their cart and right before they checkout, they abandon their basket. In an ideal world, you should serve a custom ad to these users which remind them that they still have items in their basket. It might even be best to incentivise them to come back with a small discount/offer.

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Tracking Correctly

Your remarketing is only as strong as your tracking. Essentially, if you aren’t tracking the users to your platform correctly, then how can Google know exactly who to target, with what service or product and at what time? It simply can’t.

So before you do anything, be sure to set up all of your tracking and segment down what events you want to keep track of and how them events fit in to your audience targeting groups.

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Cheaper Ad Costs

Due to using the Google Display Network, your CPC will be much lower than if you were targeting keywords on Google Search. So if you're able to properly remarket to users who have previously been on your platform, then you could potentially get a conversion for pennies instead of pounds!

Cross device

Reach users across multiple devices at the same time. Desktop? Mobile? Tablet? Using an app? Watching a video on YouTube? Reading an article online? No problem! With Google Display you're able to get everywhere your ad needs to be seen!

90% of internet users

The internet is a large place, so when we say that 90% of all internet users can be reached by Google Display, you must understand how many users that actually is.


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