Facebook Business Page Best Practices

Facebook Business Page Best Practices

We all know what’s best for your business, that being Facebook! 

So, the question is, what’s the difference between a Facebook Business Page and a Personal Facebook Profile?

Simply put, a Personal Facebook Profile represents just you, a singular social media user. Your Personal Profile gives you the ability to share updates with friends, connect with family, and see what everyone’s up to. 

On the other hand, a Facebook Business Page represents a business or brand. With a Business Page, you can exhibit your business’ products and services to a vast audience and connect with consumers easily.

How Many Businesses Really Use A Facebook Business Page?

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According to META 2022, Facebook has 2.94 billion monthly active users and a whopping 1.96 billion users visiting the social networking site on a daily basis. 

Currently, Facebook is the leading social media platform with 59% of social media users operating on the platform. 

During Q4 2020, Facebook brought in $27.2 billion in ad revenue! This being said, Facebook is extremely popular amongst marketers so there’s no surprise that the majority of their revenue comes from advertising. 

Now onto the good part. It’s recorded that over 200 million small businesses around the globe use a Facebook Business Page! 

Why Should You Use A Facebook Business Page? 

The top advantage of using a Business Page is that it’s free! It costs absolutely nothing to set up a Business Page on Facebook, making it extremely cost effective for your business. 

With a Business Page, your business has the opportunity to reach a vast audience. This will give you the ability to build unbelievable brand exposure, users will learn: 

  • Who You Are
  • What You Do
  • The Products & Services You Provide 
  • Your Business Hours
  • Your Business Location 
  • Promotions & Discounts 

And so much more! 

Another fantastic element to promoting your business on a Business Page is that you can connect with current and potential customers directly, share offerings, and answer their questions. 

What Best Practices Should You Use?

It’s pretty straightforward when it comes to setting up your Facebook Business Page but to help you on your journey, I’ve compiled a list of steps beyond the basics:

  1. Always use a profile and cover image that is the correct pixel size. 

Profile Image: This should be 170 x 170 pixels on desktop and 128 x 128 on smartphones. 

Cover Image: This should be 820 x 312 pixels on desktop and 640 x 360 on smartphones. 

  1. Maintain a vanity URL. 

For those of you who are unaware of what a ‘vanity URL’ is, it’s basically just the address of a webpage. 

When you create a Facebook Business Page, Facebook automatically provides you with a URL, this could be something like: 


As you can see, this is pretty long and confusing, especially when a customer tries to find you via the URL. 

So, to make it easier, you have the option to change your URL to something like: 


Better for everyone! It’s easy to remember and saves your customers’ time when it comes to finding and sharing your Business Page. 

But how do you change your vanity URL? 

  • Go to: https://www.facebook.com/username
  • Click on your business page in the dropdown menu in ‘Page Options.’
  • Type in your preferred username.
  • Click on the ‘Check Availability’ button – this is to make sure your username isn’t already taken. 
  • Press ‘Confirm’ and you’re all set!

Easy peasy! 

  1. Take advantage of the call-to-action button! 

A call-to-action button is essentially a button that directs your page visitors to do something specific, this could be to visit your website or call your store. 

  1. Set up custom page tabs.

When you activate a Business Page, Facebook automatically provides you with ‘page tabs.’ 

You’ll see these tabs just below your profile image and username. 

Besides the basic page tabs such as: ‘About’, ‘Photos’, or ‘Posts’ you can add custom page tabs like ‘Jobs’ or ‘Reviews’ etc. 

To do this, all you need to do is follow these steps from: 


However, if you’re struggling with adding custom page tabs, it might be worthwhile to liaise with your website developer. 

  1. Pin or boost important content. 

Pinning your content to the top of your Business Page or boosting posts will help you: 

  • Grow your following. 
  • Build brand awareness.
  • Improve visibility.
  • Increase audience engagement. 
  1. Fill out your ‘About’ page tab. 

An easy but effective step to take. 

The ‘About’ section of your Business Page will make it easy for your audience to get to know who you are and what your brand is all about. 

You can showcase things like: 

  • Your company story. 
  • Your products & services.
  • Your contact information.
  • Your business location. 
  • Links to your other social media channels. 

  1. Check your analytics. 

With Facebook, you can check your page analytics or insights to view your: 

  • Post Reach
  • Post Engagement
  • New Likes
  • New Followers
  • Reactions 
  • Interactions 
  • Highest Engagement Times

Plus, you can view your audience. This means, your audiences’:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location 

With analytics, you can see behind your page. This gives you the opportunity to get ahead of the game, determine the ideal timing of your content, and track and measure your success.

  1. Finally, post engaging content! 

The final step to building a digital empire on Facebook is to post appealing, educational, and fun content on a regular basis. 

Some other factors to consider when growing your digital presence could be: 

  • Choose to use engaging profile and cover images.
  • Post company photos and videos on your page. 
  • Take advantage of every Facebook marketing tool.
  • Determine whether you want your audience to directly message you on the platform.
  • Respond to comments on your page. 
  • Promote your page.

Facebook is a remarkable platform to promote your business, it’s easy to use, free, and has a huge audience base! 

If you’re unsure on how to start growing your brand on social media, please don’t hesitate to contact us via our website www.everything-digital.co.uk or on  0113 831 3666

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