New Facebook Update, Text Appears Below Image/Video

New Facebook Update!

Facebook rolled out a mobile app update which has switched the position of the text on posts containing a video or image.

This may just be another testing period, with large samples of varying users to see what the feedback is like. However, this really is in line with what Facebook/Meta have been telling us for years, creators (and creative) first. 

What really drives engagement for posts on Facebook? The answer is simple, does the user seeing your post get anything from it? A nice image maybe? Or a 60 second video? Maybe a nicely written text post?

There are so many different types of users out there, it’s important to identify who your brand’s users are. Try different post styles, varying copy length, or no copy at all! Short videos, long videos, LIVE videos, or even a powerful image and a message to go with it. Soon enough, your audience will reveal itself and you’ll see the path you’ve got to go down to keep your users engaged. 

However, Facebook/Meta has really started to push creative first and the most recent roll out has shown us that. With the changes made to Instagram recently too, it looks like Meta may be driving us toward a much more TikTok styled social media experience. 

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