Technical SEO

Technical SEO refers to actions you take on the webpage to improve performance and help Search Engines understand your webpage better.

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Page Speed

Page speed is a crucial part of any website. Websites can often be over engineered and complex which sacrifices on performance.

Technical SEO helps improve this through various methods and practices.

Schema Markup

You can use Markup to showcase additional information in the search results including snippets, cards and images. This helps search engines better represent the content in search results.

Website Optimisation

Websites have many functions and integrations which cause websites to become heavy and bloated. Optimising websites by eliminating unused code, shrinking image/file size and many other points.

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Google Search Revenue Earned

37% of visitors Bounce

If your website takes five seconds to load, then expect to see nearly half of your visitors leave the website almost immediately.

7% drop in conversions

If your website has a 1 second delay, you could see a drop in conversions of 7%. This is unbelievable considering that only 15% of website are actually at an acceptable page speed.

tell google where to go!

Most people don't realise that your website will perform much better, if you actually just tell Google how to navigate your site and what pages you don't want shown on the search engine.


Websites should be easy for any user that's why it is important to think about making your website accessible to all.


It is estimated 30,000 websites are hacked every day so it is important to keep your website secure and use the best practices from around the web.

Needed Investment

Websites are the face and voice of your business, make your first impressions count.

Search Engine Optimisation

Websites should be maintained and optimised to ensure your business is found online.

Speed Optimisation

Website speed is vital for your business a few milliseconds can be the difference between a conversion.

Website Health

With the industry constantly changing it is easy to allow your website to become outdated and left behind.

Increase Conversions

Show your customers your work, tackle pushbacks before they happen and ultimately increase conversions.

Technical SEO Audit

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