The Benefits Of Combining Your Strategy

The Benefits Of Combining Your Strategy

In the post covid days, the world has changed and your online strategy needs to be up to date too. Many users who run campaigns on multiple platforms run these completely isolated from each other, which could be holding your brand back from £££'s in exposure and revenue!

At Everything Digital, many of our clients have benefitted from this joint-strategy approach over the last couple of years. So how do you combine your strategy? In this article, we’ve compiled a list of some key things to factor in to help you boost your online economy. 

Social Re-Marketing/Audiences

Google is the main driver for users with intent to buy or enquire about a product or service. We usually advise using more budget on Google to begin, depending on your budget and the average industry CPC. 

Creating effective audiences that are based around engagement is key to a successful cross-channel strategy. Some audiences may be very similar for each channel, but some may be more in-depth on social media where audience testing is key to growing your account. 

One example we have seen work really well is by creating audiences based on engagement and then creating lookalike audiences, which allows you to reach new people who are likely to be interested in your business because they share similar characteristics to your existing customers.

Combining Your Strategy Leads To Success.

One Shared Budget

Many agencies or marketing executives tend to use a static budget for each channel. Having one joint budget allows you to be flexible on a weekly or monthly basis to help you meet your objective quicker whilst also maximising potential. By identifying where your most valuable traffic is coming from and understanding the buying cycle of your customer also is a big player in this. 

Define Creative To Your Audience

Traditionally Google Ads was always the channel that wasn’t as reliant on creative – however, with the introduction of Performance Max, the quality of your assets are a lot more important. 

Social Media users do tend to react better to different content than you would show on Google, due to the nature of the audience and the objective on the platform. 

We always advise trialling a number of different assets, in different sizes and types to help you work out with hard data which works best for your client.

The Benefits Of Combining Your Strategy

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