The life of an agency through Christmas.

The Life Of An Agency Through Christmas

In the blink of an eye, 2022 is nearing its end and the festive season is well and truly upon us all I presume. This is the time our agency Everything Digital, believe it or not, work harder to continue the work of the Golden Quarter for our eCommerce clients! By analysing, optimising, and setting discussed plans with retailers in place so we too can enjoy the odd Christmas luxury with our team knowing we have everything in place.

The ferocious demands we receive all year round from our loyal and fantastic clients pushes us throughout the year. When it comes to this point, we always have a full handle on strategies that are flowing with success, new years plans to decide and implement, and of course, some well needed sleep and rest in the wait for the visit from Saint Nick! I’m sure you wouldn’t want to begrudge us that.

Analysing The Year

With us having a well deserved festive break, we use the previous eleven months of the year’s data to analyse not only revenue stats, but month on month data and seasonality trends within a retailer’s industry to harness what has worked well and what hasn’t.

The ever changing goal posts of the economy and paid ads each year keeps us firmly on our toes to treat the data as our liquid gold. From this, we make well thought out recommendations to all our clients and work out the best way to attack the following year. Especially the first quarter and then things tend to change, which is natural. The benefit of having 4+ years of working together as a team and maintaining long term client relationships allows us to compare our results each year and discuss with retailers more openly about how the inner workings of their business could impact things. Such as: margins and stock levels and even plans of expansion etc.

Sales And Promotions

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales ending, results for the month of November are always at an all time high (maybe we’ve been lucky.) This is a tricky thing to manage for an agency in the run up to Christmas, especially this year due to the recession the UK finds itself in.

A lot of sectors are naturally quieting down mid December and picking back up after the big day has been and gone. We however, have the ability to manage this and put in place strategies that not only conserve budget but allow us to make the most of the busy parts of Christmas. Managing the reduction in spend to protect a profitable return is something we don’t overlook whilst weighing up the value of attracting users through the consideration period who may convert later. Constant communication and a double barrelled sale and promotion plan is put in place for our retailers so they can not only enjoy time with their families but also relax knowing everything is in place to best practice for the results to be the best they can be.

Christmas Culture At Everything Digital

This is one of our favourite times of the year like many agencies out there, whereby we can all let our hair down and enjoy the festivities as a group, engage, grow our in-house relationships, and really feel proud of what we have achieved for our clients and ourselves throughout the year.

Christmas parties and Secret Santa gifts (some good, some bad) are a way for us to connect as a group and not work all the time but build our personal relationships to grow as a team more and produce better collaborative work in the future. We take our team’s feelings seriously and have grown and nurtured into a well oiled machine that we want to expand on, allowing us to make more of a name for ourselves in the eCommerce marketing world for future years.

Below is a little Q&A regarding Christmas from our team.

Agency Team Christmas Cracker Questions

Josef Stecyk (Co-Founder)
  • Favourite Xmas Movie? The Godfather.
  • Favourite Xmas Drink? Sloe Gin.
  • What Do You Want From St Nick? Family to receive Good Health.
  • Your Work Year Highlight? Achieving a calendar year sales record and growing our yearly revenue.
  • What do you Enjoy About Xmas? I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, the main event dinner and a few xmas tipples…just a few!
Kourosh Taher (Co-Founder)
  • Favourite Xmas Movie? Home Alone.
  • Favourite Xmas Drink? Bailey’s.
  • What Do You Want From St Nick? The best gift I could receive this Christmas is health and wellbeing for my friends and family.
  • Your Work Year Highlight? The highlight of my year at Everything Digital has got to be our team growth. Not only have we added 3 incredible members of staff to the team but they’ve totally grown into their roles and started to carve out their own characteristics to go with it.
  • What do you Enjoy About Xmas? Christmas is one of my favourite times of the year. I’m not a particularly big fan of the cold but I do love spending it with the family at a rare time when we’re all off work and school together.
Jordan Gatenby (Head of Paid Search)
  • Favourite Xmas Movie? Home Alone.
  • Favourite Xmas Drink? I do like a hot chocolate over Christmas, with all the trimmings though!
  • What Do You Want From St Nick? England to Win the World Cup…(2026?)
  • Your Work Year Highlight? It’s been a mega year at Everything Digital – from hitting some record numbers for various clients to growing our client base further and we were nominated again at the UK eCommerce Awards! Big plans in store for 2023… watch this space!
  • What do you Enjoy About Xmas? Spending time with family with endless amounts of food! Also it’s good to catch up and have a few drinks with friends you don’t see as much now we’re all getting older!
Dale Bilton (Website Developer)
  • Favourite Xmas Movie? John Wick.
  • Favourite Xmas Drink? Monster Mango Loco.
  • What Do You Want From St Nick? The Receipt.
  • Your Work Year Highlight? Upgrading our website offerings to Aero Commerce! It’s been a fantastic year with major upgrades to our website offerings which will make 2023 one of our most interesting years so far! Personal development is always something promoted throughout the business and 2022 has brought me further than I could have ever imagined. Merry Christmas you filthy animals and a Happy New Year!
  • What do you Enjoy About Xmas? Time with family & friends.
Phoebe Meades (Social Media Executive)
  • Favourite Xmas Movie? Christmas With The Kranks or Deck The Halls, I know that’s two!
  • Favourite Xmas Drink? Starbies hazelnut hot chocolate.
  • What Do You Want From St Nick? Ultra Mini Ugg Boots but they’re out of stock EVERYWHERE! So, a spa day instead.
  • Your Work Year Highlight? My first year at ED has been absolutely amazing, I’ve loved every minute of it! But, if I had to choose one thing, it would probably be making TikToks with the team, as we have so much fun filming content. Especially our Christmas content! I also can’t wait for our Christmas meal.
  • What do you Enjoy About Xmas? I absolutely adore everything about Christmas! I love how everyone comes together, spending time with the people I love, the lights everywhere, cosy jumpers, sitting around the fire drinking hot chocolates, playing board games when you’ve had a drink, every Christmas song ever, and obviously the food! Especially a camembert. But, just the overall feeling of how it’s such a cosy and happy time.
Tyler Casey (Paid Search Executive)
  • Favourite Xmas Movie? Die Hard.
  • Favourite Xmas Drink? Bailey’s coffee.
  • What Do You Want From St Nick? New car accessories.
  • Your Work Year Highlight? Starting at Everything Digital and becoming part of the team who have all been amazing.
  • What do you Enjoy About Xmas? Seeing all my family that I don’t get to see throughout the year.
Will Haigh (Paid Search Executive)
  • Favourite Xmas Movie? Home Alone.
  • Favourite Xmas Drink? Diet Coke.
  • What Do You Want From St Nick? A big sack of money.
  • Your Work Year Highlight? Learning more and more about eCommerce from some amazing mentors at Everything Digital and working on Live Campaigns and seeing them flourish.
  • What do you Enjoy About Xmas? The snow, time with my family, and the big meal of course.

Happy Christmas to you all!

We hope to hear from all the retailers out there who want an agency who delivers with no excuses!

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