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Tyler’s Story

You miss 100% of the shots you don't take. What are you waiting for, eCommerce is the future.

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

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Let’s discuss a viewpoint in my life that allowed me to begin my career in eCommerce at just 17 years old! My entrepreneurial mindset has allowed me to advance my range of skills by overcoming challenges I am presented with. Here at Everything Digital, I have acquired the job title of ‘Junior PPC Executive.’ Meaning, I help to manage and develop the Google campaigns of multiple companies.

The Everything Digital Team

What It’s Like Working In eCommerce At 17

In the first few weeks, I was faced with the challenge of having to learn an entirely new skill set for an industry I had no prior experience in. As of right now, I’ve been taught how to efficiently use a range of new tools and acquired a variety of knowledge that’ll help me to further progress in my career.

What Are The Benefits Of Working In Digital Marketing?

Although it has been a relatively short journey, as of the time I am writing this, I have still gained a lot from working in Digital Marketing. The connections I have created with people are priceless, they will help me to further advance and progress in my career as far as possible. The knowledge I have gained is a great baseline for me to build on in the near future. I’m extremely happy with how far the team will go to help me improve and learn everything that is required for me to reach my potential as an employee.

Opportunities Presented

During the time I’ve had in Digital Marketing, I’ve gained an exceptional amount of knowledge and the opportunity to speak with and work alongside many different companies. This has shown to be very useful for me to make connections and bonds with new clients. Meaning, I have a list of opportunities that may be presented through speaking to said clients.

Working In eCommerce At 17

Options Available In The Future

Working in a field such as Digital Marketing will open the availability for a range of jobs I could go into. I’ve gained a range of skills and attributes that could be applied to many different job roles. On top of building basic capabilities to complete tasks, there are also many varied technical skills that will allow for expansion in my career. The choice to stay at a company or do freelance work is always open for me to decide on. This is perfect as I will always have multiple options open for me to decide upon at any point.

How Different Digital Marketing Is From My Previous Work

This job, compared to any other I have previously had, is completely different and a whole new experience overall. I’ve had to adapt and change to suit the job however, it was the best choice I could have made. Everything I have learnt as of right now has been extremely beneficial towards advancing further in my choice of career. It’s a fully new work environment, which took a while to get used to. However, I have settled in more now and it is a lot better for me overall.

Working In eCommerce At 17

The Team

The team I work with couldn’t be better for me and I love the amount of support given on everything that I’m set to do. Whether it’s a simple task such as optimising feeds, or something more complex that is required of me. No matter the level of knowledge needed to complete said task, I’m always assisted through the process and grateful for all the support.

Materials Available For Me To Use

Depending on the task at hand, there are a range of tools and materials at my expense to aid me with said task. Whether it is using Google Tag Manager for tracking data or a CSS for optimising clients feeds, there is always a tool I can access to complete the process.

How eCommerce Could Be Beneficial For Everyone And How It Allows The Freedom To Mould Your Own Career

Although I haven’t worked in eCommerce for the longest time, I still have a strong belief that it’ll become one of the best decisions I’ll have ever made. Digital technology is forever advancing and will always be a staple in our society. Meaning, there will always be jobs and careers available for people at all skill levels. Having a job that constantly evolves and grows is beneficial to everyone. It allows you to decide where you want to take your career and provides you with the freedom of moulding your life into what you wish it to be.

If you’re ever debating moving into eCommerce, think of all the benefits and the liberty you will gain from a career that will continue to grow. If you’re a similar age to me and you’ve never considered it a career path, I strongly suggest you look into it. Digital Marketing is an amazing start for most careers and it builds a strong skill set that can be applied across the board at most jobs you want to go into.

Working In eCommerce At 17

What are you waiting for, eCommerce is the future.

Tyler Casey

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