Video Remarketing in majority refers to using audiences that have previously engaged with your brand and serving them ads through YouTube or on third party websites that have video functionality.

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Ad Placements

They’re called Video Ads and not YouTube Ads because technically it isn’t just YouTube that your ads will appear. You can select placements on websites that are in the Google Display Network, different apps or even just select certain app categories to display your video ads.

Audience Targeting

The main difference between normal video ads and video remarketing is the types of audiences that you use to target your ads.

This is why it’s essential to track all of your user engagement and create an audience pot for the high priority users and what their most recent actions have been.

Advertising to these audiences and encouraging them to re-engage with your brand through a video ad can be one of the most effective ways to bring in sales/engagement from users who have already actively shown an interest in what you brand has to offer.

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0 +
Users on Youtube

2 - 5 Minutes

The optimal engagement length for videos on Facebook.


Hours watched on YouTube per day by the users.

Over 80%

Studies have uncovered that over 80% of people buy because of a brands video.


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