YouTube is currently the second most popular ‘Search Engine’ in the world. This powerful platform has the capabilities to attract and capture potential customer’s attention within seconds. Standing out from the crowd is most of the battle when it comes to advertising, our creative team is here to help you make sure your business entices a new customer base.

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Why YouTube Ads

Youtube has a vast network to operate on, with the ability for your video to reach all potential customers within your remarketing list, affinity or in-market audiences. 

With 5 billion (yes billion) video views per day (yes per day), why would you not put your brand onto the largest video search engine in the world?

Cost per View

YouTube is a vital addition to any businesses marketing strategy despite the fact that advertising on the platform is less than 15 years old! Whilst YouTube marketing is a preferred method for national brands vying for new business in a competitive industry, it is also a favourite at Everything Digital when strategising as the low ad budgets enables our team to tailor an efficient and cost effective way to advertise to new and existing audiences. 

Types of YouTube Ads

  1. Skippable video ads: Essentially, when you’re watching a YouTube video and it gives you the option to skip after 5 second… That’s what these are.
  2. Non-skippable In-Stream Ads – Short in-stream video ads. Usually between 6 and 15 seconds, these ads allow you to show viewers your entire ad.
  3. TrueView Video Discovery Ads – This shows your video alongside other videos on the search results page.
  4. Non-Video Ads – These are ads that are images advertising on YouTube which is very similar to Display ads but these are solely placed on YouTube.
  5. YouTube overlay: These are the banners that you see on the bottom 20% of the video you’re watching. Once the video starts playing, these banners will appear.

Best Practice Tips

  • Hook people immediately – Most ads don’t get past the 5 second mark. So make sure that your message is good enough at the very beginning to capture the viewers attention early on.
  • Brand early – Don’t just randomly put your brand on screen. Be sure to find a meaningful reason to place your brand on screen as early as you can.
  • Connect with your users – Don’t look at these ads your typical TV ads. You want to really connect with your users and appeal to them with familiarity.
  • Show people what to do next – This sounds daft but, if a user has gotten to the end of your video, you want to tell them exactly what you want them to do next, like “click subscribe for more”.
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B2B Decision makers use YouTube to research purchases.

Account Structure

The way your account is structured when running YouTube ads is of major importance, so this is the first thing we'll check. We'll also need to check the Ad Group split, understand your ad objectives and see how the ads are doing towards achieving that. We'll check your budget allocation and smart campaign optimisations.

Keyword Performance

Without setting the right audiences, your videos could essentially be showing to users that aren't actually even interested in what you have to show them. In addition, sometimes there are audiences created which aren't working and are just eating up your budget, so we'll give you a run down of best practice here.

Bid Strategy Analysis

Bidding for clicks/impressions on the Display Network (the network that helps serve your YouTube ads) is a relatively low cost process. The only problem is, it's so low cost that advertisers can end up wasting lots of money on areas that they just haven't check for a long time. So we'll check all this for you.

Performance Analysis

We'll calculate the averages for; cost per acquisition (CPA), conversion rate, cost per click (CPC), click-through rate (CTR) and ultimately calculate your return on investment (ROI) (where necessary).

Advert Review

The video needs to be catchy, shouldn't be too long or too short and honestly needs to get to the point without sounding too salesy. So your creative and the landing pages that users land on after clicking needs to be absolutely spot on. So we'll check all of this for you.

Ad Tracking

It's important to know where your traffic is coming from and what the users are doing when they land on your platform.

Growth Opportunities

Custom audiences and similar audiences can be a quick way to win new users or conversions (if you know how to set them up correctly). The idea here would be to find what areas your account can grow into and what you can scale quickly and profitably.

YouTube Ads Audit

Your Monthly Ad Budget

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