Google Video Asset Tool

Google Video Asset Tool

With the launch of Performance Max - the quality of your assets is now more important than ever. As in previous campaigns, you didn't have to upload a video which would essentially opt you out of YouTube targeting. However, if you do not upload a video to your Performance Max campaign, Google will automatically create a video using the assets you have provided, which don’t always turn out great. 

Our previous advice was to factor in your budget to create your own bespoke video for your Performance Max campaign but Google have helped us out with the introduction of their new asset management and video ad creation solutions. Best of all, it’s free to use!

So How Do I Get Started With Google Video Asset Tool?

Firstly, you need to upload your assets to the Asset Library, this can be a combination of videos and images.

Google then gives you a decent choice of pre defined template for you to choose from. Each template has a guide to help you identify which one is best to use for your objective. The templates also indicate how long the video is and how many assets (including images and logos) you need to create a video. You can open any template to view an example video.

Once you have chosen your template, you then need to name your video. You need to choose this carefully as this will be shown on YouTube, so bare this in mind! 

Next you can choose your assets, the required number of images to complete the template. Each image slot has specific size and orientation requirements. The template also suggests a style, which may be lifestyle or product. Again, you can upload new images or choose from the Asset Library.

You can then write your ad copy for your video. The amount of copy you can write depends on the template you have chosen. 

You can then customise your colours and also add music or a voice over effect if you wish.

Happy Clients

We have used this tool with several clients and are really impressed with the outcome of the videos we have created. This is ideal for clients who are on a budget who want to maximise their potential through compelling video ads which are becoming bigger and bigger every day. We also advise keeping an eye out for updates as Google has already announced that the Asset Library will support additional asset types in the future.

If you need any help getting started with Google Video Asset Tool, please get in touch with us at

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