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The Importance Of Migrating From UA To GA4

The Importance of Migrating from UA to GA4

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, eCommerce businesses rely heavily on data to make informed decisions, optimise marketing strategies, and drive revenue growth. Google Analytics (GA)

Google Video Asset Tool

Google Video Asset Tool

With the launch of Performance Max – the quality of your assets is now more important than ever. As in previous campaigns, you didn’t have to upload a video which would essentially opt you out of YouTube targeting. However, if you do not upload a video to your Performance Max campaign, Google will automatically create a video using the assets you have provided, which don’t always turn out great. 

Why Facebook Ads Should Be Used With Google Ads

Why Facebook Ads Should Be Used With Google Ads

‘Google Ads Vs Facebook Ads’ is something I see posted all the time. There are so many articles out there comparing Facebook Ads to Google Ads or vice versa and honestly, we struggle to understand why they’re being compared as if you should only ever use one or the other?

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