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Search Engine Optimisation

We help you grow your business, from inception to launch and beyond.

Competitor & Keyword Analysis

Understanding what your competitors are doing organically and SEO wise is one of the most important first steps to take. We use intelligent software to help us analyse what your competitors are doing specifically for SEO purposes. Now comes the keyword analysis.

Our SEO team will put together an extensive list of keywords we think would relate very nicely to your services/brand. However, we encourage our clients to get involved! So if you have an idea of how you want your brand to look on search engines organically, just let us know

Site Alignment & Link Building

Often called ‘on page SEO’ and ‘off page SEO’, it’s important to remember that unlike most digital services, SEO really isn’t just one thing. There’s a collection of actions that need to be taken, in order for your website to start ranking higher up the organic results on search engines. First we’ll perform an ‘on-page’ audit of the website to ensure that when people actually land on the pages, they have a great experience.

Then we’ll determine your ‘off-page’ positioning. An important action towards building a strong SEO campaign is ‘link building’. There’s a very specific way this has to be done in order for Google to recognise what’s being done as a good thing. If done incorrectly Google can ban you for life! We have a strong, organically grown network of 1000s of websites, with high domain authority and a high volume of traffic. All relevant within a huge range of industries.

Content Optimisation

Content is king. This statement couldn’t be any truer when talking about SEO or building a strong organic presence online. Content has to contain relevant information, relative to the industry, whilst also containing high traffic keywords and actually appealing to your audience. The aim is to give Google a reason to direct traffic to your website when people search for them specific terms.

We’ll look at the content you have on the website currently and do one of two things, either give you advice on what to change or depending on your arrangement with us, we’ll make the changes for you.

The more content you create on a consistent basis the better. Ideally, you’ll schedule fresh relevant content every day. However, we need to (at least) start with fresh content every week to post on all socials and the website.

Analyse Results & Client Reporting

SEO can be quite a mysterious service. A lot of the time, businesses who aren’t necessarily in the digital industry, can struggle to quantify what SEO is and how to measure its success.

Gone are the days when you were told to “just trust me, it’s working”. We have a real time client reporting dashboard. Essentially, if you ever want to see how well you’re doing organically on the search engines, you just log in to your reporting dashboard and take a look!

SEO is a long term strategy and process. so make sure you’re not expecting immediate results. To implement any sort of SEO actions, realistically, that strategy can take 90, 180 and even 365 days to efficiently make a huge impact. That being said, it doesn’t mean you won’t see progress until then. We guarantee you’ll see an organic uplift online within month 1.

Our Process

There’s a specific process we’ll take when planning and executing a strong SEO campaign and below are the fundamentals.

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Analyse, Research

Without a true understanding of exactly where you are and where you want to be, how can we efficiently build an SEO strategy for you?

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Once we're on exactly the same page as you, we can develop a strategy second to none in the SEO world. Including back end website changes, content creation, link building and live reporting,

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Regular Updates

Search Engine Optimisation can be a sketchy subject. Have a live reporting dashboard 24/7. Our SEO team will schedule a call once a month to run through what's been done and what's next to do.

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There must be a constant stream of SEO actions taken every single month for Search Engine Optimisation to continue being effective. This is where we'll steer the ship for you and take any action that needs taking.

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