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The life of an agency through Christmas.

The Life Of An Agency Through Christmas

In the blink of an eye, 2022 is nearing its end and the festive season is well and truly upon us all I presume. This is the time our agency Everything Digital, believe it or not, work harder to continue the work of the Golden Quarter for our eCommerce clients! By analysing, optimising, and setting discussed plans with retailers in place so we too can enjoy the odd Christmas luxury with our team knowing we have everything in place.

Black Friday – The Sequel

Clear growth is how I would like to sum up Black Friday 2022 for OUR online retailers, along with a number of high stress points for our internal paid ads team…plus the enjoyment of course of watching the sales rock in……great work everyone!

Black Friday - The Prequel

Black Friday – The Prequel

With 2022 whizzing by, we are now close to entering November with Black Friday headlining the bill in the Digital Marketing calendar. Agencies and retailers alike will find themselves having serious conversations based on margins and stock levels, whilst identifying opportunities to get one up on the stiff competition they face online through paid channels such as Google ads and Social Media advertising.

The Golden Quarter For eCommerce Stores

The Golden Quarter For eCommerce Stores

The summer’s ended and the transition to autumn/winter is now a reality for ‘savvy’ online retailers. From buying meetings, to making sure you can obtain enough stock quantity and variety at the right margins, retailers and agencies alike should be now planning for the ‘Golden Quarter’ of eCommerce.

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