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Black Friday - The Prequel

Black Friday – The Prequel

With 2022 whizzing by, we are now close to entering November with Black Friday headlining the bill in the Digital Marketing calendar. Agencies and retailers alike will find themselves having serious conversations based on margins and stock levels, whilst identifying opportunities to get one up on the stiff competition they face online through paid channels such as Google ads and Social Media advertising.

When Elon Musk Bought Twitter

Elon Musk Buys Twitter

Elon Musk tweeted a video of himself walking into Twitter’s San Francisco HQ yesterday (October 26th 2022) with a sink and tweeting:

“Entering Twitter HQ – let that sink in!”

Banner Image - The Best Way To Increase Your Online Store's Conversion Rates

The Best Way To Increase Your Online Store’s Conversion Rates

I think now might be the perfect time to talk about conversion rates for your eCommerce store. In this article, we’ll discuss how your eCommerce store can be negatively impacting your conversion rate due to low performance and pointless add-ons for your online store.

Employee Story, The Journey Of Young People In Digital Marketing.

Tyler’s Story

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. What are you waiting for, eCommerce is the future.

Google Video Asset Tool

Google Video Asset Tool

With the launch of Performance Max – the quality of your assets is now more important than ever. As in previous campaigns, you didn’t have to upload a video which would essentially opt you out of YouTube targeting. However, if you do not upload a video to your Performance Max campaign, Google will automatically create a video using the assets you have provided, which don’t always turn out great. 

The Golden Quarter For eCommerce Stores

The Golden Quarter For eCommerce Stores

The summer’s ended and the transition to autumn/winter is now a reality for ‘savvy’ online retailers. From buying meetings, to making sure you can obtain enough stock quantity and variety at the right margins, retailers and agencies alike should be now planning for the ‘Golden Quarter’ of eCommerce.

Why Facebook Ads Should Be Used With Google Ads

Why Facebook Ads Should Be Used With Google Ads

‘Google Ads Vs Facebook Ads’ is something I see posted all the time. There are so many articles out there comparing Facebook Ads to Google Ads or vice versa and honestly, we struggle to understand why they’re being compared as if you should only ever use one or the other?

Does My Business Need A Website?

Does My Business Need A Website?

Absolutely! A website is a valuable asset to your business and a powerful tool to connect your business with its customers.

Banner - UK eCommerce awards 2022 finalist badge

UK eCommerce Awards 2022 Finalist

We’ve done it! For the second year in a row, Everything Digital has secured a place in the UK eCommerce Awards 2022 for Small Agency of the Year… Again!

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